Dr.Batra’s Hair Loss Treatment Center

Dr. Mukesh Batra is a visionary entrepreneur and pioneer of modern homeopathy in India. Dr. Batra homeopathic clinic was started by Dr. Mukesh Batra in 1982 and today it is largest chain of homeopathic clinics around the world. A Dr. Batra clinic is spread in India, United Kingdom and Dubai. The clinic has history mark of world-class healthcare services from decades and symbol of homeopathic treatment in 47 cities of India. Dr. Batra has put a pioneering role to bring healthcare services through advanced homeopathic treatment.

Dr Batras

Today, Dr. Batra clinics are major healthcare choice for people around the world. Dr. Batra hair loss treatment has long history of 250,000 successful cases of hair loss. Dr. Batra clinic uses advanced technology, trichology and homeopathy for treatment of hair loss problem. It is using expertise of London-trained hair loss treatment doctors who use technology and feel joy to bring complete hair loss treatment for the patients. Dr. Batra himself is known for his great experience of hair loss treatment through homeopathic products.

According to recent testimonies, it has been told that Dr. Batra clinics are engaged in hair cloning and multiplication process.  There are approximately five million hair on an adult human body, while the number of hair on scalp are 80,000 to 150,000 approx. Dr. Batra hair loss treatment has added a detailed review of male and female baldness patterns and causes of hair loss. At Dr. Batra hair loss treatment clinics, they customers get safe, gentle and effective treatment through international experts.

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